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Mazda3 Passes on AFTA Duty Saving Benefit to Its Customers.


Prices of Mazda3 now start from 755,000 Baht

Bangkok, Thailand January 7, 2010: Mazda Thailand has announced new prices for its sporty Mazda3 to start from 755,000 Baht as a result of ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) duty saving structure in 2010

The new price structure covering all models of the Mazda3, has come into effect from January 1st in accordance with the AFTA agreement that enacts 0% custom tax between ASEAN countries.

John Ray, Managing Director at Mazda Thailand said the AFTA agreement has led to savings in the Mazda3s cost structure with these savings to be passed to our customers. Mazda3 will have price reductions without any effect on its fun-to-drive sports quality and make Mazda3 even more enjoyable to own and drive. The new prices are starting from 755,000 Baht for the Mazda3 Groove automatic version.

Ms. Sureetip La-Ongthong said "apart from the great success from the launch of its sporty New Mazda2, Mazda delights our customers with the new price announcement for Mazda3. Both models are playing a key role in strengthening Mazda brand and operation in the Thai market.  I believed the new prices of Mazda3 will further benefit customers who can own a stylish compact car even easier."

Mazda3 has long been recognized for its sporty look, fun-to-drive quality and valuable equipment package. The new prices will make Mazda3 even more competitive when compared to others in its segment said Ms. Sureetip.

Mazda is extending the promotions for the New Year celebration until the end of January. For Mazda3, customers will receive a 3-year/60,000 km. maintenance, first-class insurance, and 2.19% interest. For sports pick-up Mazda BT-50, customers will receive first class insurance, and interest rate of 1.79%. For the New Mazda2, prices start from 535,000 Baht with free first-class insurance. For the luxurious 7-seat sports crossover, Mazda CX-9, customers receive free first-class insurance and 3-year/100,000 km maintenance. For the sports roadster New Mazda MX-5, customers receive 5-year/140,000 quality warrantee, 3-year/100,000 km free maintenance, and free first-class insurance.

New Prices of Mazda cars


Old prices
(VAT included)

New prices
(VAT included)

Saving by

1.6L Groove




1.6L Spirit




1.6L Spirit sports




2.0L Maxx




2.0L Maxx sports (S/R)




Mazda encourages car buyers to have a test drive before making any decision. Test drive is available at 105 Mazda showrooms throughout the Thailand.