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New Mazda MX-5 Interior

Keeping You Focused and in the Picture

The cockpit immediately tells you all you need to know: this is the essence of pure fun-to-drive. Body panels wrap over into the door trim, dissolving the interior/exterior boundaries and heightening the pleasure of open-top driving. And all interior details are tailored to appeal to sports-car enthusiasts in look and function, and also in operating feel. Grip the steering wheel, let your hand fall naturally to the gear shift lever, reach for the engine start button – it’s a ritual that always sets the heart racing.

All driving demands concentration. Sports driving even more so. And it’s hard to maintain concentration in modern cars because they constantly supply you with information: route guidance from the navigation system, hazard warnings, audio entertainment from a wide range of sources… the list just goes on. The key is how information is presented. That’s why Mazda developed its unique Human-Machine interface (HMI) design, and engineered MX-5’s cockpit from the ground up to give you information in a way that lets you stay focused on the road and on safe driving.


The Leading Edge of HMI Design

The amount of information presented to you when driving continues its increase. For example, i-ACTIVSENSE defects traffic conditions around the vehicle and provides warning, while MZD CONNECT, the new in-vehicle connectivity system, offers the latest Internet-connected services via your smartphone. So to present this rising tide of information without compromising safety, Mazda engineered the cockpit's HMI design to prevent confusion in decision-making, minimize driver eye movements, and reduce physical stress.

The cockpit itself is divided into two zones, one focused on driving and the other focused on infotainment, and each zone has information displays and controls according to its purpose. Physically separating these interfaces promotes easier recognition and smoother operation.

Frequently used operations are controlled by steering-wheel mounted switches without taking the hands off the steering wheel.

Information for MZD CONNECT’s audio, communication and navigation functions is displayed on a seven-inch centre display featuring graphics designed for instant legibility. Multi-stage operations of MZD CONNECT are quickly and accurately controlled by a commander control located on the floor console where the driver’s hand naturally falls.

MZD CONNECT, the Benchmark in-vehicle Connectivity System


Internet connectivity has become an essential part of daily life, even while travelling in a car. So Mazda developed MZD CONNECT to provide versatile connectivity while further enhancing safety. MZD CONNECT offers a huge range of infotainment options from the Internet through AhaTM by HARMAN when connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth®.

The system’s Audio feature allows selection of various music sources including AM/FM radio, CDs and mobile audio players, and Aha Internet Radio. The communication feature reads SMS messages aloud, as well as other Internet social networking services (Twitter and Facebook for example) available via Aha. And the Navigation feature shows your current position on a map along with a route to the specified destination. System software is easily updated, providing ongoing access to the latest services without swapping out any hardware.

*Available functions of MZD CONNECT may vary according to the type of connectec smartphone and its operating environment.

The large analogue tachometer and speedometer feature needles with a vertical zero position to emphasize the contrast between action and inaction, suggesting the image of a Japanese sword master poised to strike.

The exclusive Bose® premium sound system features nine speakers including a pair of speakers in both the driver's and passenger's headrests, to deliver superior sound quality even when driving with the top down.

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