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New Mazda MX-5 Performance

Saving Weight, Adding Performance

SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, long years of experience and Mazda’s proven ‘Gram strategy’ allowed as much as a 100kg* weight reduction for the new MX-5. Optimal distribution of functions, introduction of compact components, structural innovations, and wider use of aluminium and other lightweight materials resulted from Mazda’s pursuit of the ideal structure for the body, chassis and engine. And by further advancing the SKAYACTIV-BODY concept of a continuous framework, this reduced weight even resulted in greater rigidity. Measures taken included optimizing the framework, larger cross-sections and straighter lines for the high-mount backbone frame, and more extensive use of high-tensile sheet steel, as well as integrating the chassis and the body. In particular, MX-5 has a dedicated tunnel member specifically developed to handle the changes in front/rear rigidity stemming from the retractable hardtop.

*Comparison between 2.0-litre engine, manual transmission models.



Max. Power:
135kW/7,000 rpm

Max. torque:
205 Nm/4,000rpm 

4-2-1 exhaust system

Lightweight, low-friction piston

Higher-revving, higher-power performance with lively response right up to the red line and smooth acceleration in any gear in the promise. And the evolved SKYACTIV-G 2.0 direct-injection petrol engine delivers in full measure, taking you to a world of satisfying driving that is both exciting and eco-friendly. The new intake system features a common-type intake port to maximize air intake volume, while the 4-2-1 exhaust system with redesigned exhaust port greatly reduces pumping loss. Inertial mass and mechanical resistance are reduced thanks to lightweight pistons and connecting rods. Combustion characteristics and anti-knock capability are enchanced by newly designed piston heads that strengthen tumble swirl and reduce unburned fuel. And high-diffusion fuel injectors with a three-stage split fuel injection control scheme minimize waste while promoting secure fuel vaporization. These innovations add up to dramactically improved performance: maximum engine speed is raised to 7,500rpm for a smoother impression of power and a feel of effortless and limitless accelration, maximum output is raised, torque is increased from low to high engine speeds, and fuel efficiency and environmental performance are further improved. The extraordinary compression ratio of 13.0:1 is retained, even as the knock usually caused by such high compression is suppressed. A newly apoted low-inertia dual-mass flywheel delivers sharp and agile engine response, as well as a clear engine tone. And an entirely renewed main silencer system contributes a linear engine note to accelrator inputs, promoting greater unity with the MX-5.



The goal was lower weight with better safety performance and greater rigidity, achieved by clever engineering to optimize structures and make effective use of materials. And through applying all the knowledge acquired in developing SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY to date, Mazda engineers created a new SKYACTIV-BODY specifically tailored to an open-top lightweight sports car. The basic concept was to use straight beams and a continuous framework wherever possible to create a structure whose individual sections functioned in perfect harmony. In addition, widespread use of aluminium and high-tensile steel realizes both safety and extreme rigidity, resulting in a lightweight open-top body ideally prepared to respond to the driver’s every intention.



Engineered to deliver even more of Mazda’s famous oneness between car and driver, the SKYACTIV-CHASSIS was born from a comprehensive revision of the basics of suspension and steering systems, achieving both weight reduction and excellent rigidity. And while the new MX-5 continues to use the same double-wishbone front suspension as the previous model, they are entirely redesigned to match the SKYACTIV-CHASSIS to optimize the geometry and create a suspension system offering enhanced stability and greater control when cornering. In addition, the new Electric Power extremely rigid steering characteristics and delivers direct feedback from the road surface.



MX-5 Transmission

The new-generation six-speed manual transmission SKYACTIV-MT was originally developed to bring the same lignt positive shifting enjoyed in previous generations of the MX-5 to a broader lineup of Mazda cars, achieving this through a complete redesign of the internal shift mechanism for more efficient action and minimum friction. That has been painstakingly reviewed to fit the FR layout and realize crisp, 'just right' operation with a positive feeling as if the lever is guiding itself into your desired gear. In addition, adoption of a direct-drive sixth gear contributed to a simpler structure that is both lighter and more compact.

Six-speed Automatic Transmission

This six-speed automatic transmission is engineered to provide a direct shift feel and superior fuel economy thanks to a new torque converter with wider slip control and lock-up range.
A throttle blip function automatically revs the engine when downshifting to give quicker shifts and enhanced deceleration response. And Drive selection allows switching between Normal and Sport/Manual drive modes for a sportier, more satisfying drive experience.

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